Dear Auction Customers,


  Out of respect for our client, other customers, as well as your safety, we cannot allow people to tour the premises. Our clients appreciate your courtesy as they try to maintain this home and gardens during the auction process.


We appreciate ALL our customers and hope for a smooth pick-up process. We could use your help regarding the following requests:


*This home is occupied. There are NO restrooms on site.


* If you have large items to pick up, staff will escort you to the item. We do not load items. We do not provide tools/hand carts to disassemble big items. Please load items as safely and quickly as possible.


*All small lots that only require one person to carry will be brought to the street. Please be patient as we try to navigate limited access to the property and parking.


*We are limited with parking and appreciate you putting your items in your vehicle as soon as possible. We will work as fast as possible to limit your wait time.


*There is not a pickers sale at this location


*Please verify you have received your correct auction items per invoice, prior to leaving.


If you have any questions, please ask any staff member.  We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you.

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